Domain Controller promotion stops responding

Whilst promoting a Windows 2012R2 server to a domain controller it got as far as ‘Replicating the schema directory partition’ and then nothing else happened.

Now, this server has NetBios over TCPIP disabled which was causing the above problem.  The quick answer to this is to use the long version of the username when entering the credentials for the domain controller promotion i.e. domainname.comadministrator and not domainadministrator


More info here

New Child Domain – Server Core and PowerShell

All of my domain controllers are now server core unless someone can give me a very good reason to install Windows with a GUI, so far no one has given me a good enough reason.

When deploying a new child domain this means we can now use some PowerShell goodness to create our new child domain.


Windows 2012R2 Server Core installed

IP address set on the box and preferred DNS server set to the IP address of a domain controller in the parent domain

Install-Windowsfeature AD-Domain-Services

Install-ADDSDomain -DomainType child -NewDomainName ‘childdomname’ -ParentDomainName ‘’ -InstallDns -CreateDnsDelegation -NewDomainNetBiosName ‘childdomname’ -DomainMode win2012r2 -Credential (get-credential)


You will be prompted for the admin credentials of your parent domain and then for the safemodepassword that you want to set on this DC.

Let’s Encrypt and Azure Websites

This is awesome.  Would still like this to see this made much easier (as the author says towards the end of the article), but anyway this makes using Let’s Encrypt with Azure websites possible and relatively easy;